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Free DC Comic Character Profile : Wonder Woman

Let's talk about the facts, trivia, and discrepancies in the three seasons of Wonder Woman on ABC and CBS. If you have further facts or trivia you want to include, e-mail us and you will get a credit for your info when it has been verified.
ABC Season:

* Each episode, or two part episode of the ABC season was written by a different person. which leads to the differences in tone and speech for the characters.

* Other than the pricipals, a few actors appeared both in the ABC & CBS versions of the show: Henry Gibson(The New, Original Wonder Woman and Screaming Javelins), Henry Allen(Bushwackers and I Do, I Do), and Eric Braeden(The New, Original Wonder Woman and Skateboard Whiz).

* In the ABC pilot, Cloris Leachman originally played Hippolyta, with Carolyn Jones taking the part in the TV show up until the show went to CBS where Beatrice Straight took the role.

* In the pilot movie, and in two other episodes: Judgement From Outer Space and Last Of The $2 Bills, Wonder Woman wears the original skirt she wore in the first issues of the comic book.

* Unlike the comic book, Wonder Woman would lose her powers if her belt was taken off. In the comic book, she had to have her bracelets welded together by a man.

* In the episodes Wonder Woman vs. The Baroness Paula Von Gunther and Fausta, The Nazi Wonder Woman after Diana transforms to Wonder Woman, they forgot to put her bracelets on.

* It was not until Beauty on Parade, the fourth episode of Wonder Woman, that there was the glowing ball of light version of the transformation and the sound effects for her superstrength, jumping, and tiara.

* The character Etta Candy(played by Beatrice Colen) was in the golden age appearances of Wonder Woman as a college student who was part of the Holliday Girls who assisted Wonder Woman in fighting crime during the war.

* Steve Trevor was originally a blonde in the comic books, but Lyle Waggoner, a brunette was cast in the part - for the time that the Wonder Woman show ran, they changed Steve Trevor's hair in the comic book to match his television counterpart.

* Drusilla(played by Debra Winger) not only had her first starring role on Wonder Woman in The Feminum Mystique. Her character only existed on television. Wonder Woman had no real sister in the comic books, but Pre-Crisis had a step-sister, Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl.

* Wonder Woman spinning into costume was also solely a television fixture. She would spin her lasso around herself in the comic books to transform.

* For the ABC season, Lynda Carter wore a wig when she was Wonder Woman. Supposedly, she always wore a wig as Wonder Woman.

* In all, there were only 14 episodes of the ABC version of Wonder Woman(including the pilot) which were set in the 1940's, shown from November 1975 until May 1977.

* In the television show the bullet proof material the braclets were formed of was called 'Feminum'. In the comic books, it was called 'Amazonium'.

* It was shown that the amazons only wore their bracelets for special occasions, or when competing in a tournament in the television show. In the comic books, all amazons wore bracelets because that was to remind them of their slavery at the hands of Hercules and his army.

* In the televison show, Wonder Woman was shown to have an ability to mimic the exact sound of another person's voice. She never exhibited that ability in the comic books.

* One unconfirmed story credits the explosive transformation sequence to prudery. It seems that since in the first episodes, Diana changed to Wonder Woman with a twirl that was a slow fade as her normal clothes 'melted off' and her Wonder Woman costume appeared. From a few different sources I've heard that this was considered too 'racy.' So, the exploding ball of light transformation was inaugurated in 'Beauty On Parade.'

* In the first part of The Feminum Mystique, Hippolyta alludes to Diana having an intimate relationship.


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