Friday, November 21, 2008

Free Comic from DC : Ambush Bug Year None - 1

Ambush Bug: Year None # 1
Written by Keith Giffen & Robert Loren Fleming
Art by Keith Giffen & Guy Major

Published by DC Comics

There is some funny moments here, mostly in the comics willingness to go full force towards the inside joke, but overall it's just toothless satire that probably won't age well. If this was a comic that had been passed around the DC offices at their holiday party, it would probably be a lot better--at least then it wouldn't have the altogether weak attempt at reaching the notoriously humorless DC fanboy. While there's probably more than one person who's going to find the Stephanie Brown L'il Dickens Power Tool Playkit offensive, Ambush Bug Year None just ain't nasty enough. (And God help those who find the lame references to old 60's cover design clever--that shit is just embarrassing.) Still, it's a chance to see Giffen's art again, and that's a worthy enough enterprise. Too bad it's in the service of something this tame.


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