Tuesday, November 25, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD COMIC : Transformers - Prelude To Infiltration

Covers (Rating: 10)

I know a lot of people want to buy all the variant covers, but I can honestly say that having any one of these would be a boon, on the strength of the artwork alone. the Prime and Megatron covers alone are superb.

Story (Rating: 8)
Posted on Sunday, February 19th 2006 10:15AM

Don't get me wrong, it's anice, tightly written prologue for what will obviously be an action-packed mini-series, featuring all that I love about Transformers.

Still, it's just a prologue, y'know?

Art (Rating: 10)

Crisp, strong artwork, supported by superbly-defined inking and perfect colouring.

Other stuff (Rating: 10)

First off, we get a lovely message from the editor IDW, whose name I have forgotten. His missive is both informative and strangely cute.

Next we get an interview with Simon Furman himself, giving an idea of what we can expect. Even nicer, he's admitted that G1 continuity is more or less fubar!

Finally, we get some rough sketches of E.J. Su's work, reaffirming us all of how excellent this crazy ride is going to be.

Average rating from this user: 9.5


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