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Free DC Comic Character Profile : The Flash

The Flash
Real name: Wallace Rudolph (Wally) West
Occupation: Adventurer
Base of Operations: Keystone City, Kansas
Marital Status: Married
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
First Appearance: (as Kid Flash) THE FLASH #110 (December,1959-January, 1960); (as Flash) CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS #12 (March, 1986)
1st Flash in Flash Comics #1 1940
Price:$ 92,000
according to Comics Price Guide

Powers: Super speed

History: The first Flash Jay Garrick became the Flash by accidentally inhaling an experimental substance called hard water. He was one of the founding members of the JSA in the 1940's. He remains relatively youthful do to an accident that bathed the JSA including Jay's wife in rejuvenating rays. He is currently active with the JSA and mentors the new Speedster Impulse. The second Flash Barry Allen, a police scientist acquired super speed by being struck by lightning and being bathed with the chemicals he used for work. He mentored the current Flash, Wally West, his nephew who gained his powers in a freak accident that recreated the first one that gave Barry Allen his powers. Sadly Barry Allen died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline in the 1980's. The third Flash Wally West started his career as Kid Flash working with the Teen Titans. He took over the mantle of the Flash from his deceased uncle Barry Allen.

Allies: Impulse, Johnny Quick, Justice League
Enemies: Mirror Master, Reverse Flash, Gorilla Grodd


Television: Legends of the Superheroes 1979 2 episode comedy
1990 The Flash great CBS tv series unfortunately it only lasted one season. too bad sci-fi channel hasn't shown reruns in a while. Flash DVDs
Justice League tv pilot 1997 never made it to tv

The All-New SuperFriends Hour, 1977
The Challenge of the Super Friends 1978
SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show 1984
Flash guest starred on an episode of the 1990's Superman the Animated Series

Justice League

In 2001 the Wally West Flash starred as a member of the Justice League. The Flash is voiced by tv's current Smallville Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum.
The Justice League is currently airing on Cartoon Network.


The comics and characters have been nominated for and won several awards over the years, including:
  • 1961 Alley Award for Best Cover (Flash #123)
  • 1961 Alley Award for Best Single Comic (Flash #123 by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino)
  • 1963 Alley Award for Cross-Over of DC Heroes for The Brave and the Bold (with Hawkman)
  • 1964 Alley Award for Best Short Story ("Doorway to the Unknown" in Flash #148 by John Broome and Carmine Infantino).
  • 2008 Salou Award for Best Super Hero (Flash- Danny Holmes by BUAFC)


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