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Free DC Comic Character Profile : Catwoman

Catwoman is one of Gotham City's most prominent villains, ranking near the top with Joker and Penguin for the most criminal activity. Dressed in a sleek, black bodysuit Catwoman has the appearance and grace of the animal from which she gets her name. Indeed, at times she has been known to meow, and when Batman is close by her voice takes on a distinctive purr.

It is easy to see that Catwoman is attracted to Batman in a strong physical way. Whenever they come face to face she trys to coax him to admit his feelings for her, at times attempting to entice him into a more personal encounter. Even attracted to Batman as she is, she cannot abide his crime-fighting behavior. The fact they are on opposite sides of the law will undoubtedly keep them apart.

Her capers are usually related to cats in some way. Whether it be a form of ancient treasure or jewellry in the shape of a cat, cat-gut strings from antique violins, or the legendary treasure of Captain Manx, Catwoman will hatch a scheme which will usually involve trying to rid Gotham City of its caped protectors. Though she is attracted to Batman, she has the sense to realize he is a hinderance in her plans.

She has been known to team up with other master criminals. Her partners in crime include Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Ma Parker and Sandman, though she had planned to double-cross him when the caper was finished.

She has been known at times to keep pussy willows in her hideout. Throughout the day she will take time out for a cat nap and she has a fondness for milk. She also is allergic to dogwood.

  • Queen of Criminals
  • Princess of Plunder


From time to time, a villain will slip into a guise in order to further their criminal deeds. These aliases could be just a name or they could include costumes and make-up. In every case, however, Batman and Robin would eventually see the real evil behind the mask. What follows is a list of aliases used by Catwoman.

  • Miss Klutz, dance teacher. Catwoman arranged dance lessons for Dick Grayson so she could learn more about the layout of Wayne Manor.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Catamizer- a specialized gun which is filled with catasonic acid. Though the catamizer has never been used, it will 'catalyze' the victim.
  • Catwoman's Amazing Maze- located in the catacombs of her subterranean suite 6, this maze is a giant replication of the maze used to carry out experiments on rats and mice. According to Catwoman, once inside it could take the rest of your life to get out, that is unless you find the center of the maze which means you will never get out. She had placed Robin and Police Woman Mooney in the maze. Both of them became trapped in the center of the maze, trapped that is until Batman entered the maze and led them to safety.
  • See in the dark glasses- she liked using them because 'cats can always see in the dark'.
  • Sonic beam blast gun- fires a concentrated sound wave that can destroy whatever it hits
  • Voice-stealing box- when opened and pointed at a person, that person would lose the power of speech as it was transferred into the box. Recent conversations that person had could then be replayed by opening the box and listening. Catwoman later revealed under questioning that the person's voice could be returned by drinking a misture of sweet basil, garlic salt, and goat's milk.
  • Sneeze bombs- explode in a puff of red smoke, leave everyone in the room sneezing.
  • Cataphrenia- can be kept under fingernails so that when a person is scratched, they are infected with the drug. It reverses all normal moral and ethical standards, turning them into the complete opposite of the person they used to be. As side effects, it causes amnesia and fainting spells.
  • Catillac- Catwoman's first car.
  • Remote Control Cat-radio- sets off the bell so she can get out of class early.
  • Old Kit Bag- used to carry things.
  • Eau de Chat- poison perfume.
  • Hair-raising bomb- destroys the hairdos of any women in the area.
  • Kitty Car- a green vehicle made to look like a cat.
  • Cat Lily perfume- not known to have any criminal uses, but probably smells nice.
  • Cat's whiskers- thin ropes used to tie someone up, they contract when in contact with body heat.


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